Free Music

While driving back from a gig the other night, I was listening to some tunes on my iPhone, and after the songs I had requested finished playing the iPhone automatically jumped to a playlist of some old demos and unreleased masters of my tunes. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I listened to the tracks and saddened by the reality that the tunes have never been available for others to hear. Considering how much work went into producing the recordings and how much I like many of the songs I resolved right then and there I was going to make them available for free.

Although the actual recordings (not the songs themselves) are technically owned by a production company I signed with many years ago, it is really a moot point at this stage of my life and career. I've given the copyright owner plenty of opportunities to transfer copyright administration to me but alas it has never happened and time is marching on. So, I'm going for it anyway.

I really wanted to get these tunes posted asap so haven't managed to figure out exactly who all the players and engineers were but I will be posting additional info as it comes to me.

You can see in the music player on the right that you can choose to download or share the tunes. I hope you find something you like.

If you enjoy the free tunes please consider buying my Somewhere album either as a download or a CD. The Rubber Room Day record is also available as a download via BandCamp. CDs are also available at my gigs or I can mail it to you. If you already own my CDs and/or downloads perhaps you might know of someone who would dig what I do. That would be cool too.

My Music Page has more info re: my official releases. Thank you so much for your support.