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CD Cover Complete
Photoshop Files With Layers: cd size- (25MB)
upsized for 11 by 17 poster (37MB)
Tiff No Layers: cd size - (13MB)
upsized for 11 by 17 poster(45MB)CD Cover

CD Cover Background No Name or Title - Tif
cd size - (13MB) • upsized for 11 by 17 poster - (49MB)


CD Cover Photo Only - Tif
cd size - (13MB)
upsized for 11 by 17 poster (49MB)


Photo Credits - Photos on this page: Teri MacDonald & Al Riede.

Please ensure that you do NOT use a web file for print (that includes the one from my home page). If you have any problems with downloading the files please contact me at 604.728.9451 or neil@neilharnett.com.

Thank You.

Right/click on the appropriate file (or control/click on a Mac) and download to your computer.

Files for Print (300dpi)
11X17 Poster with name - 48MBtiff
8X10 with name - 20MB tiff
8X10 no name - 20MB tiff
4X5 with name - 5MB tiff
4X5 no name - 5MB tif

Files for Web Use (do not use for printing)
480X640 with name - 190kb jpg
480X640 no name - 190kb jpg
288X360 with name - 90kb jpg
288X360 no name - 90kb jpg